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Our Horses


Kool with a K

Koda is a 2010 model Paint gelding. He joined our program in 2018 after a brief career in trail riding and quickly became a barn favorite. Standing at a stocky 16hh, he is the perfect size for kids and adults alike. Koda has the temperament and willingness of a schoolmaster. He is loved most for his famous mermaid tail marking, seen best atop the saddle!



Pearl is a 2014 Appendix mare. She joined our program in 2016 and has been loved by all of our barn members ever since. Pearl is one of our largest horses, with a big heart to match! She is known for her striking blue eyes and her love of mud baths. This is a very sweet mare who will rest her head on your shoulder and take a nap, but beware: she may decide to lick you!

Pearl is Annabella's sister and Christian's mother! Do you see the family resemblance?


Lil' Loki

Loki is a 2012 Welsh pony that came to us as a yearling. He is a super smooth little guy who really does not understand that he's, well, little. Loki is kind, patient, and incredibly athletic. He is amazing with beginners and has been a great teacher to many kids. He is advanced enough to take riders as far as they can go! Loki is best suited for kids because of his size (but don't tell him that). 

Pony Power!!!


Double Stuffed

Oreo is a 1999 Pony who has been with Journey's End so long, nobody can remember when he got here! Oreo is a very calm and gentle guy. He has been happily teaching kids to ride for many years, and he is a true schoolmaster by anyone's standards.  Oreo is known for his hefty appetite, and he would just LOVE for you to feed him as many carrots as you can get your hands on!